AAF SIlicon Valley Addy AWARDS 2017


Make mama proud

To get college students and agencies to submit their work to the AAF Silicon Valley Addy Awards Show, AAFSV will launch a campaign under the creative direction of SJSU Advertising Professor John Delacruz. The "Make Mama Proud" campaign will urge audiences to make their mothers proud by submitting their work and getting the chance to win an ADDY. The mood and tone of the campaign will be nostalgic and inspiring with a dash of humor. 




History in the shaping

The purpose of the “History in the Shaping” campaign is to convince our target audience, middle-aged aspirational adventurers, that Ventana surfboards are more than just functional pieces of wood, but boards that are rich in history and soaked with stories. We will accomplish this by creatively showing history and stories coming to life. The mood and tone of the advertising will be personal, imaginative, adventurous, and inspiring.

To communicate “History in the Shaping,” our agency combined photography with illustration to create the main assets for the campaign. This along with an interactive social media campaign and short promotional media clips will occur throughout all of Ventana’s social media channels. “Shape Your Own Story” workshops will be designed to help establish the connection between Ventana and their target audience. The campaign will also be accompanied by several different promotional materials including wooden bookmarks and coasters.





Save Our Shores will launch a campaign that makes the plastic bag resemble a bad partner in an unhealthy relationship. Readers will be educated and convinced to vote yes on SB270 through a series of emails that will be executed in the style of a break up text. The campaign will convey a unique way of persuading readers to “dump” the bag and love the ocean instead. This idea will be carried out through print, radio and social media.





Amnesty will launch a campaign that focuses on feeling the injustice of other people around the world who can’t express themselves. By making the situation personal, it becomes relatable. Amnesty will present #FeelMyInjustice through popular social media platforms, print and bus stop ads. Using Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat on Human Rights Day, young active users will find that their posts can’t be displayed or shared. This will put users in the shoes of someone whose right to express themselves has been taken away. Users will have to sign a petition in order to continue using social media. Therefore they will get a glimpse of what injustice feels like while they engage with Amnesty. 





To promote Santa Clara County Parks, "Get Back to Your Roots" will target a younger, more diverse audience by marrying typography with photography and giving the campaign an artistic feel. By merging hand lettering and double exposure, we are motivating and encouraging our young generation to get back to their roots to discover beauty, inspiration and creativity. By visiting their local parks, they can find a deeper connection with nature. Using different social media platforms, print and an art event at the park, the campaign will give Santa Clara County Parks the exposure they need to gain a younger audience.