Mondays Are For Models

This past Monday I had the most incredible opportunity to join in and assist on a photoshoot for a local magazine by the name of Content. Content Magazine is a bimonthly publication that promotes the people, events and businesses of not only San Jose but it’s neighboring cities that are all part of the Silicon Valley. Although I have only been a subscriber for a few months, I have really gotten to enjoy everything that Content has to offer from the actual magazine to the networking events they put together for creatives to meet and socialize. 

I honestly wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a Model Monday shoot but I was blown away by how seamless everything came to be. I found myself at the Bedlam Beauty and Barber salon located in downtown San Jose after finishing up the last essay I had due for one of my finals. I met up with the Content crew there and noticed the model getting her hair curled. Several “looks”, or outfits, were hanging on a rolling rack that consisted of beautiful cream and brown colored fabrics with different textures. I was in love. I watched as they all collectively decided on what garment would go well with what and the looks were eventually finalized. The mood board for this specific shoot was that of a 70’s vibe consisting of knit tops, fur coats and sweet embroidered dresses. In that moment, I realized that it would have been a good idea to bring my camera and perhaps some of my own jewelry that we could potentially use for the shoot. I decided that I would head home to quickly grab those things and meet the crew at the location in which the shoot was going to take place. 

I went home, grabbed what I could and headed to the park. The location was stunning. It’s so hard to believe how many places I still haven’t been to considering I’ve lived in San Jose all of my life. The Content crew went straight to work. I went ahead and started snapping some photos of everything around me and it was really great to watch everyone in action. The model was getting dressed, the MUA was applying last minute makeup and the hair stylist was applying hair spray to keep the hair from going everywhere. I ended up actually helping the photographer, also the cultivator of Content, with the light reflectors by positioning them in the right direction to bring in some light on the model’s face.

Unfortunately, I was forced to leave the shoot early for a final presentation I had to give for one of my classes at SJSU. Aside from that, I had such a great experience watching and assisting such an awesome shoot and I can’t wait to do more of this.

Here are some of those pictures that I took from that morning.


The blog was posted today and you can find it by visiting this page: Model Monday Katia

The Details:

Photographer: Daniel Garcia

Photo Assistant: Arabela Espinoza

Art Director: Jessica Owens

Model: Katia Coate for Stars Management

Stylist: Elle Mitchell

Hair Stylist: Emily Selfridge for Bedlam Beauty and Barber

MUA: April Wiswell

Producer: Kristen Pfund

Wardrobe: Black & Brown