Speaking Of Mondays

Last Monday, my best friend Anjelica and I hit the city for some good coffee and a much needed thrifting sesh*. I can’t really remember the last time we both had the same day off from work but it miraculously happened so we took advantage of it. Aside from having to wake up extremely early, our day started out pretty great as we headed off to San Francisco with the intention of having some good coffee first. So I suggested we visit Front Cafe, a coffee shop I had photographed before leisurely and for a school assignment as well. After hearing that Front was going to close down soon, I decided it was only appropriate to visit it for the last time. Although small in size, the cafe had won me over with its clean, sterile look. Most of the cafe is white, making it look like a laboratory, with coffee bean filled test tubes and containers labeled clean or dirty. Not to mention, their Affogato is on point and they’ve always had some yummy pastries.

I have to say that one of my absolute favorite things to photograph are coffee shops. I truly enjoy being mesmerized by the aesthetic and mood of each cafe and being able to capture that feeling on camera. There’s something about the way they deliver not only coffee but an experience from the interior design to even the people who frequent them. 


I sipped on a mocha while Anjelica had a pour over. As I finished my drink, I mentally waved the cafe goodbye and we set off to our next destination. Although our intentions on this day trip were to capture some OOTD* footage, we failed miserably. We were expecting a more diffused and hazy looking day but instead we got harsh sun with hideous shadows. Besides, I have very little experience in videography and Anjelica had her mind set on a specific style of shooting that probably requires more experience and/or better equipment (lol). Either way, I was still able to get a few wonderful photographs of our day (well, mostly Anjelica haha). 

Outfit Deets:

Fur Open Cardigan: Therapy
Gray Sweater: Salvation Army
Vintage Levi's: Animal Traffic (PDX)
Boots: Black & Brown
Backpack: Thrift
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Chambray Shirt: Pink Stripes
White Denim: Crossroads Trading Co.
Boots: Sbicca Footwear
Black Purse: Therapy
Infinity Scarf: Therapy
Sunglasses: Sunglass Spot
Rings: Empire Vintage


We headed straight to a non-profit thrift store called Community Thrift located right on Valencia. I know that whenever I’m having an itch to thrift in the city, I have to take Anjelica with me because she always knows the best spots. A good 80% of the thrift stores I have ever known are all her suggestions. Black & Brown, Crossroads (Santa Cruz), Wasteland, Community Thrift, Thrift Town, Afterlife and anywhere on Haight really… I ended up finding a flannel in the men’s section and two rain jackets for about 25 bucks. Not bad! We then walked along the streets to visit Azalea as well as Afterlife Boutique. I found sunglasses and rings at Afterlife while Anjelica continued without finding anything (she’s very selective and she also has great self-control). 

At this point, we had worked up our appetite pretty well so we walked back to the car to add more time to the meter (why is parking in San Francisco SO expensive?) and we popped into Curry Up Now, a restaurant that serves delicious Indian food. I can’t tell you how amazing their burritos were and to top it off we had some amazing spiced sangrias. 


Lastly, we headed to Thrift Town to see what we could find and I ended up walking out with another warm flannel. With the holidays around the corner, work has been crazy busy and it was so nice just to get a break and visit one of my favorite cities to eat, drink coffee and shop. 

Thanks for reading and I apologize for it being so lengthy. 

Still trying to get used to this blogging thing! :)

*Sesh: my abbreviated word for session.

*OOTD: outfit of the day.