Tradekraft Collective

Man, I can't believe it's 2016 already. Working in retail during the holidays can be incredibly hectic but things have finally calmed down now that it's January. I haven't posted anything in quite some time and I apologize for that but I assure you that I haven't been lazy. In fact, I've been busy with other things like starting my very first internship (yay!) to working on different projects that include design and photography.

Not too long ago, I posted on my website a collection of photographs that I took of a San Jose based music collective. They go by the name of Tradekraft Collective with a "K." Officially formed on May 22nd of last year, Tradekraft Collective has already made some major moves from throwing huge live events to hosting their own spotlight radio show on Soundcloud. Tradekraft began releasing tracks under their name late last year and they currently boast over 500 followers on Soundcloud and over 8,000 plays collectively. 

Tradekraft is currently comprised of the following artists: 

SkylarkSLVMMVino, and Wooshay



To find out more information about each artist as well as the Tradekraft crew that make it all happen, check out their brand new website (HERE!) which features their latests releases/mixes, blog posts, upcoming events and more. The website also features some of my photography as well as any cover art that I have done or helped make. 

There is no doubt in my mind that Tradekraft will be doing some incredibly awesome things for 2016. I do have to say that I'm slightly biased as I'm actually a part of the collective, not as an artist but more on the creative and promotional end of things such as photography and helping spread the word.

But seriously, watch out for these talented people and thanks for reading!