When Light Pours In

There is something so wonderful about natural lighting that pours into a room. A white room to be specific. Yesterday I had the privilege of photographing one of my good friends Deanna in her new home and her room is about as beautiful as they could get. With a lot of open space, tall closet mirrors, a large window and a beautiful chair tucked in the corner, I knew this shoot was going to be a good one. There wasn't anything particular about this shoot that I wanted to accomplish but to simply create beautiful images in a simple setting with minimal details. I have been photographing a lot of blogger style shoots and portraits for print lately and so it was extremely refreshing to photograph without the pressure of the images needing to be perfect for social media or for a publication. I am absolutely obsessed with how it all turned out and look forward to more shoots like this one. As some of you may know, Deanna makes music and she is a talented lady who just put out a song with MRVLZ. I'll link her Soundcloud profile and Spotify profile below. 

Here are a few shots that didn't get included in the main photo series. 



Full Photo Series: Deanna Villareal

Soundcloud: DEANNA

Spotify: DEANNA